Speciality Glass

Satin Etch Glass

Satin Etch Glass comes with Smooth and Silky Surface which is dirt and fingerprint resistance. Satin etch glass is one kind of frosted glass. As a translucent product, it admits light through whilst still providing obscuration and vision control. Post pictures of glass sample


  • Consistent finish and appearance.
  • Both internally and externally provides privacy without compromising light levels
  • Satin Etch glass neither scratches off like coatings nor discolors like films.
  • THICKNESS Available : 6MM, 12MM

Acid Etch Glass

  • Acid-etched glass refers to annealed glass that has been treated with hydrofluoric acid to give its surface a frosted look. Acid-etching is seen as a great alternative to sandblasting because the finished surface is smoother to the touch and easier to maintain.
  • Thickness Available : 10MM 


The glass can also better withstand stress and stay smudge-free longer. Because of its durability, acid-etched glass can be cut into any shape or size and then tempered.

Tint Glass

Euro Glass Glass

is a normal float glass which adds melt colorants for tinting and solar-radiations absorption. Adding of color does not affect the basic properties of the glass, even though light reflectance will be slightly higher than clear glass.


  • Reduces transmission up to 80% of sun’s harmful rays thus minimizes fading to interior furnishing
  • Reduces heat penetration in buildings
  • Can also be used in interior decorations
  • Thickness Available : 6MM, 10MM,12MM

Black Glass  



Ultra Clear (Low – Iron Glass)

Low iron glass is an ultra- clear glass also known as crystal glass and high transparent glass.Low iron glass is a new type of deeply processed which features low iron by lowering iron element in the float glass production process.


  • Excellent clarity ensures true colors are seen and optimum vision quality is achieved when looking through the glass
  • Can be applied widely on decorative and furniture table glass top, show cases, store front doors, office partitions and building curtain walls
  • THICKNESS Available : 10MM, 12MM